Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SMS Absurd

©Linux is like a wigwam, no windows, no gates and an apache inside …

©NOKIA VIRUS Enter PIN code: Enter PIN code: F Enter PIN code: FU Enter PIN code: FUC Enter PIN code: FUCK YOU ! YOU JUST BEEN FUCKED BY ME

©Birdy birdy in the sky dropped a poopy in my eye, I don't worry I don't cry, I'm just happy that cows can't fly!

©I'd ride u sitting, I'd ride u lying. If u were a bird I'd ride u flying. And when ur dead and long forgotten I'll dig u up and ride u rotten.

©DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY This is: -Virus- Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Hehe! NERVOUS?

©Feeling stoned? feeling high? Fuck a duck and try to fly.

©Don't drink water.… Fish fuck in it!

©5 differences between Turkish en ET: ET looked better, ET learned English, ET came alone, ET had his own bike and wanted to go home!

©Hello I am a virus and I am entering your brain right now..... sorry I will leave, I can't find a brain.

©I don't love. I don't care. I just married a millionair. And if he dies I don't cry, I just fuck another guy.

©Idiot (id-ee-it) n.- One who disagrees with you.

©Elvis is dead and I don't feel so good myself.

©Little birdy in the sky, dropped a poepie in my eye. i don't scream, i don't cry. i thank the lord that cow's can't fly!

©Roses are red, violets are blue, most poems ryhm, but this one doesn't…

©I'm popey the sailorman, I'm member of the klu klux clan, when I pull the triger, I kill a fucking nigger. I'm popey the sailor man, toet toet.

©I met a boy in the states i give him my hart he gave me aids.

©Mommy, Mommy! Can I wear a bra now? I'm 16.. Shut up, Albert…

©How to keep an idiot entertained *press down* ................... .................... How to keep an idiot entertained *press up*

©The best anti-virus program for a computer is SAVE-SEX.
Leave the plastic cover on the floppy when inserting in drive.

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